Representation B&A
Kyle Lohr
Representation B&A
Kyle Lohr
Hi, I’m Brook.
Photographer + Director based in NYC, although LA feels like a second home. Thought I’d share a little bit about what inspires me, working style and the journey so far…

School portraits.
No smile. Red lipstick. Self-inflicted haircut. Picture day fails to some (sorry mum). But I wasn’t keen on the school photog telling me to smile, or to fix my bangs with the cheap plastic comb they passed out seconds before walking on set - lol.
My first camera.
Seven years old and full of moxie, I thought I could do better with a Kodak 110. One at a time and in small groups, I took pictures in the hallway of my classmates. I have no clue what I said to convince Mrs. Nolan, my 2nd grade teacher to agree, but thankfully she did.
Love and Art School.
Partners in life and work (studio manager/DIT), Mat and I first met in college. He was a cute film major with unmistakable swag and bleached blonde hair. Our first date was a rave. In lieu of dancing the night away I slept the night away on his shoulder. Been together ever since.
Equal parts wanderlust and curiosity.
Starting out I knew I had to follow my heart and shoot what I love - people. I documented musicians, athletes and off-the-grid nomads. Tribal lifestyles were varied but creative commonalities emerged. Connections were genuine, emotions real, and portraits caught but candid.
Nuanced moments continue to inspire.
If I could show you the inside of my heart, along with blood and veins, it would be full of gold sparkles and red heart emojis because I love visual storytelling. I get to fall in love, over and over, again and again.

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